Jat Samaj

'Jat' the Symbol of Power

Jatsamaj.in  provides a common platform to people who are interested in the exploration, study and preservation of the Jat History. Jat Samaj is the premier organization of jat community in world. Its aim is to raise awareness about the social and economic problems faced by Jats. Jat’s are a group of Independent Tribes found in Northwest India and Pakistan who maintain one of the oldest surviving tribal identities in the World and are distinctively identified by mankinds oldest profession - Agriculture. These Independent Tribes are called Clans (or Gotar’s) and each of these Clans are bonded together by either a Common Ancestor or a Common Founder.  Jat's are strong Individualists, Hardworking by nature and are distinctively known for their Life Affirmative Celebrating and simpleminded personality. The Jat’s gave rise to several Great Spiritual Mystics, Warriors, Intellectuals, Statesmen and are among the most dominant Tribes of Indian North and West Punjab, Pakistan. "I studied the histories of various sects before I visited India in 1957. It was found that Jats live in an area extending from India to Central Asia and Central Europe. They are known by different names in different countries and they speak different languages but they are all one as regards their origin." (A Russian historian, K.M. Safequadrat)
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