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Jat Samaj
Jat Samaj

In the Haryana region of the Bhiwani district in the Indian state of Haryana, there is a village by the name of Dhanana. On the Bhiwani to Jind Road, it is located about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) north of Bhiwani, the district’s administrative center.

Nine villages are immediately connected to this one by roads. Talu, Jatai, Sukhpura, Bhaini Bharro, Badesara, Mitathal, Ghuskani, Tigdana, Mandhana, Pur, and Siwara are the nearby towns. The neighboring small villages of Jatai, Sukhpura, and Kuchpad are also a component of Dhanana. The distance between the fields and the village makes it challenging for farmers to travel to their fields for work. As a result, they began to live in their fields, which resulted in the creation of the villages of Jatai, Sukhpura, and Kuchpad. Handball is the preferred activity in the village, making it unique on a national level.


This is Ghanghas Gotra’s ancestral hamlet. Jatu, the leader of the Ghanghas clan Chauhan, had two sons: Harpal and Bilan, who established Dhanana.

Jat Gotras

Ghanghas (Gangas)

Notable Persons

Nitu Ghanghas

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